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April 20, 2017
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June 26, 2017

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer Kokomo IN? Here’s What You Should Know

Richard Russell Offers Experience, Knowledge and Exceptional Service


If you are facing criminal charges in Kokomo, IN, you want to be sure your criminal defense lawyer is thorough, exhaustive and passionate. You want to hire a lawyer Kokomo residents trust to deliver the best possible outcomes. Richard Russell is the lawyer Kokomo IN residents have turned to for decades for a wide range of criminal defense issues.

Here are some important considerations when you need a criminal defense attorney in Kokomo, IN.

Time is Critical

You do not want to delay when you are facing either misdemeanor or felony criminal charges. Even though your court date might be far in the future, you need to consult with the kind of lawyer Kokomo IN residents want on their side. Your attorney will need to learn about your case, investigate it, assess the prosecutor’s case and prepare a defense. He or she will want to discuss your case with you and communicate your options.

Look for Experience

You want an attorney who is familiar with the type of offense with which your charged and understands the law well in that area. As an attorney Kokomo has relied on for decades, Richard Russell has experience in a range of criminal defense cases, including murder, other violent crimes, domestic violence, drug-related crimes (including marijuana cases), cyber crimes, and white-collar crimes including fraud, embezzlement, and extortion.

Negotiation Matters

Your criminal defense attorney will be adept at negotiating with prosecutors on your behalf. Deals and plea-bargains are common in certain types of crimes, given the circumstances. These negotiations can reduce or eliminate some of the charges against you. Prosecutors, however, are usually unwilling to negotiate with defendants who represent themselves.

A good attorney may also be able to reduce the sentence if you’re found guilty or change the terms, such as having less jail time or suggesting treatment or longer probation periods instead.

Honest and Candid

You deserve an attorney who will be straight with you. This means speaking frankly and clearly about each stage of the process, the likely outcomes, and the consequences. While this news might be hard to hear, it can prepare you for the days ahead.

At the same time, a good attorney understands you’re likely feeling a lot of emotions, including regret, shame, embarrassment, anger, sadness, and fear. Your attorney can help you grapple with these emotions and use them to your benefit.

Fee Flexibility and Availability

An ethical attorney offers a range of payment options and schedules. Be sure to understand whether your attorney charges a flat rate or an hourly fee. In addition, determine what is covered in the fee and if there are additional charges for research, investigation or other services provided.

You need your attorney available when you are. Attorney Richard Russell is available for evening consultations and has payment plan options.

When you need sound, fair and effective legal advice, turn to attorney Richard Russell for a defense you can count on.

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