When Is It Time To Hire A Child Custody Lawyer Kokomo IN

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Lawyer Kokomo IN
May 26, 2017
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DUI Lawyer Kokomo IN
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When Is It Time To Hire A Child Custody Lawyer Kokomo IN

Child Custody Lawyer Kokomo IN

What is Family Law? And When is it Time to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

Attorney Richard Russell Is Experienced In Getting Clients the Best Possible Outcomes


Family law is a complex field of legal representation, often fraught with strong emotions and difficult decisions. When you need an experienced, level-headed divorce attorney, adoption lawyer or child custody lawyer in Kokomo IN, you can be sure that attorney Richard Russell will represent your interests with passion, professionalism and keen insight to get you the best outcomes possible.

Knowing the different types of family law and when you need to hire an attorney can help you make the best possible decisions for your Kokomo, IN case. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of cases.

  • Child Custody Lawyer – At times, legal decisions need to be made about who will have legal decision-making authority for children, either due to a divorce, separation or breakup. Whether the parents are married or not, having legal clarity on these cases is important for the children’s well-being. As a child custody lawyer, attorney Richard Russell helps clients negotiate agreements that give you a solution you can live with and adhere to, whether it’s full legal sole custody or joint custody.
  • Adoption Lawyer – Whether you are bringing a new child into your home via a domestic or overseas adoption, you want to be sure that the process is handled correctly for the new addition to your family. An adoption lawyer can help ensure that approvals are completed, any paperwork is submitted and that legal transfer of custody in Indiana is completed properly on time. If there is a need for parental rights to be rescinded, an adoption lawyer makes sure that all the complex moving parts are handled correctly.
  • Guardianship Lawyer – If you have a disabled or elderly family member who cannot care for themselves, you may need to become their legal guardian. Doing so allows you to oversee, protect and manage the person’s finances, decision-making and safety. In other situations, a non-family member needs to seek custody of a minor child. As an experienced Kokomo, IN guardianship attorney, Richard Russell can represent affected parties in court and help articulate the needs, extenuating issues and desired outcomes.
  • Divorce or Separation. When spouses or partners are unable to continue their relationship in an amicable way, you need a divorce attorney. Whether separated, thinking about a divorce or committed to a divorce, you need someone to help create an agreeable settlement that is practical, reasonable and followable. Attorney Richard Russell is committed to minimizing the number of court appearances, negotiating the best possible outcome and presenting you with good options to resolve the issue peacefully and amicably.

Emotions can run high, whether sad, angry, or happy, in many family law instances. Richard Russell has more than 40 years of experience representing Indiana families and individuals in all manner of family law cases. Richard Russell offers free consultations, flexible hours (including evening hours) and fast response times. He also offers flexible payment plan options. If you are looking for a child custody lawyer, adoption lawyer, guardianship lawyer or divorce lawyer, contact Richard Russell.

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