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February 19, 2017
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When It’s Time to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney Richard Russell Helps Families and Former Spouses Find Peaceful Agreeable Solutions

Getting a divorce can be a long and difficult process. In the age of the Internet, many folks first reaction is to turn to do-it-yourself solutions. But if you try to handle the divorce process on your own, you could run into major problems down the line that you are not prepared for and regret it.  If you live in Kokomo, IN and have assets, children or other points of dispute, you should consider hiring a divorce attorney. Following are reasons why you should hire a divorce attorney in Kokomo, IN.

You Foresee a Custody Battle

Most people would do anything they can for their children, which includes giving them a safe and loving home. You may even battle to the death for them. Unfortunately, when it comes to the divorce process, that’s exactly what couples end up doing. The stakes are high. While some couples can negotiate a custody agreement, without it getting ugly, many cannot. A great divorce attorney will fight aggressively for you, to make sure your child ends up in a safe environment with you.

There is Domestic Abuse Involved

If you are currently involved in a domestic abuse relationship or are in the process of getting out of one then it may be time for a divorce. Oftentimes, victims of abuse feel intimidated by their partner, and abusive partners may negotiate their partner into a bad deal that is unfair. An excellent divorce attorney will represent you when emotions are high, and make sure communications happen on an equal ground.

You’re Disorganized

Getting a divorce in Kokomo involves a significant amount of paperwork, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of a marriage.  Some people who are organized have no issues with arranging the documents as necessary. Others, on the other hand, may need a little extra help. If you currently have a pile of a mess of documents or are missing documents then it may be time to hire an attorney. A great lawyer will make sure you have all of the papers needed in a timely and efficient fashion.

Divorces are not fun. That’s why it’s always great to have as many allies, as possible, in your corner. A divorce attorney can help be just the ally you need. Are you currently looking for a divorce attorney in Kokomo? Richard Russell has been successfully representing clients for over 40 years. He offers flexible hours, payment plans, and free consultations.  Call (765) 457-4484 for more information.

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