Four Questions To Ask Your Howard County Attorney

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October 2, 2017
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Howard County Lawyer
November 28, 2017

Ask These Four Questions To Your Howard County Attorney

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When you need a Howard County attorney, you want to be sure you ask the right questions to ensure you get the best representation possible. Whether it’s a civil or family matter, or you need a criminal defense attorney, Howard County, IN, residents should look for a lawyer with the experience, expertise and commitment you need to mount the best case. Richard Russell is the Howard County attorney residents turn to again and again to handle all their legal needs.

Here are four questions to ask before selecting a Howard County attorney.

  1. Have You Worked On This Type of Case?

It’s always good to know that the Howard County, IN, attorney you select has experience with the type of work for which you need legal representation. A lawyer with the right background knows how similar cases have concluded and how to work with prosecutors and judges to get the best possible outcome. You’ll also want to ask if the attorney practices in the courthouse where your case will be heard.

  1. What Are the Likely Outcomes?

While the lawyer Howard County IN residents select will not be a mind readers, he or she should have a good idea as to how your case will ultimately be decided. You want a civil or criminal defense attorney who will be give you a frank and honest assessment from the outset about how likely the case will play out.

  1. What Fees Will I Pay?

An ethical attorney will tell you up front what fees and expenses you will be charged for and what the rates are for the attorney, other employees, and any outside consultants or investigators that are brought on board during your case. Some attorneys charge a flat fee for certain types of work while others charge an hourly rate.

If you are suing for monetary damages, some attorneys may represent you based on a contingency fee. Under such agreements, the attorney is paid a portion of any money you receive either from a successful trial verdict or due to a settlement.

No matter what the fee structure, you are entitled to a summary of the charges you incur in your representation.

  1. How Will We Work Together?

Some large law firms pull a bit of a bait and switch. You may meet with a prominent partner or practice owner, but never see or hear from that lawyer again. All the work is handled by junior associates or paralegals. You want to be sure you know how your case will be managed and by whom.

Ask about how your Howard County attorney will communicate with you, how frequently, and what your role will be in preparing for the case. You may need to produce records or background information.

Attorney Richard Russell brings four decades of experience to his work. Whether it’s criminal defense, family law, or civil casework, he offers free consultations, payment plans, and fast responses.

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