Lawyer Howard County IN

Divorce Lawyer Howard County IN
Divorce Lawyer Howard County IN
March 6, 2018
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DUI Lawyer Kokomo IN
May 1, 2018
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Lawyer Howard County IN

Lawyer Howard County IN

3 Important Traits of a Good Lawyer

Communication, Advocacy and Analysis Are Key Traits for the Best Legal Representation


When you need effective legal representation in Howard County, IN, turn to the professional who has more than 40 years of experience. As the lawyer Howard County IN trusts, Richard Russell provides expert legal representation on a range of matters. When you need a Howard County lawyer, choose the attorney Howard County IN turns to for thorough and impassioned legal advice.

What should you look for when choosing a Howard County lawyer? Here are three key traits.

  1. Strong Communication

You want an attorney who knows how to communicate on many levels. Your attorney Howard County IN needs to argue persuasively in front of judges and juries, meaning public speaking is a must. Your Howard County, IN, lawyer also needs to be able to write clearly, using complex legal language to complete court documents and represent your case effectively.

Finally, you want to be sure that the lawyer Howard County IN you choose communicates well with you, able to explain complicated legal concepts and issues. You want someone who will lay out your options and possibilities so that you can make the best decisions for your case.

  1. Research and Analytics

When you hire a lawyer, you’re hiring their ability to find insights and legal precedents. That means they need to know how to research the applicable case law to develop the right legal strategy for your case. The amount and type of research necessary will depend on the specifics of your case.

After the research is completed, your lawyer must also have strong analytical skills. Lawyers need to collect and analyze massive amounts of information, determining what the right arguments are to make, the right information to use, and the right decisions to guide your case to a best-possible outcome.

Criminal defense attorneys need to know how to think like a prosecutor. Civil lawyers need to think about how the opposing legal counsel is likely to approach your case and find solutions that will counteract the opposing legal strategy.

  1. Experience and Perseverance

You want your attorney to be a tireless advocate for you and your case. Sometimes, that means your lawyer will come up against obstacles and setbacks.

A good lawyer will not be deterred by these temporary obstacles. They will look for a way to solve the problem with a different approach, a different argument, or a different strategy.

That’s why it’s important that your Howard County attorney has the experience in the type of case you are facing. With more than four decades of experience in Howard County, attorney Richard Russell knows the courts, the issues, and the tendencies of legal officials.

Richard Russell represents a wide range of clients, drawing on his vast experiences to give you the best possible legal support. Attorney Russell provides general services, such as drafting and reviewing documents, basic representation, and providing legal advice.

Richard Russell also represents clients in criminal matters, including violent crimes, drug-related crimes, white-collar crimes, domestic violence, and driving while intoxicated. He also represents clients in family law matters, including divorce, child custody, and adoption. If you are looking for a Lawyer Howard County IN residents trust, contact Richard Russell.

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