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June 4, 2018
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Attorney Howard County IN

Attorney Howard County IN

3 Tips to Find the Right Lawyer For You

Ask About Experience, Training, Fees, and Communication


When in need of a lawyer, Kokomo, IN, residents should to be smart about who represents them. To find the right lawyer Howard County IN residents should be careful to select someone with the experience and compassion to get you the best possible outcome for your case. Richard Russell is an attorney Howard County IN has trusted for more than four decades for exceptional professional representation in criminal and civil matters and for general legal counsel.

Here are three tips to choosing the Lawyer Howard County IN residents can be certain will provide sound advice and support during your legal proceedings.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

Before hiring an attorney Howard County residents should ask questions to get an understanding of what areas of practice the lawyer covers and how they will handle your case. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • How long have you been practicing? Experience matters, as does having knowledge of the court systems in and near Kokomo, IN.
  • Who are your typical clients?
  • What kind of cases do you handle? What percentage of your practice is committed to each? How much experience do you have with my kind of case? You want someone who has worked on your kinds of cases before.
  • Do you have any special training or experience in my kinds of cases?
  • What are the likely outcomes for cases like mine? While no attorney can fully predict what will happen, your attorney should give you a sense as to how cases like yours have been resolved by their clients and others.
  • Are there alternatives? You should not be afraid to ask if there are alternatives other than legal proceedings to concluding your case. An ethical attorney will lay out these options for you in an initial consultation.
  1. Understand Their Billing

Finances are top of mind in most cases. That’s why when choosing an attorney Howard County IN residents should fully understand the pricing and likely costs associated with their case.

Some attorneys charge a fixed rate for certain types of cases. Others charge on an hourly basis.

If you are suing someone seeking monetary damages, your lawyer may choose to represent you on a contingency basis. That means the attorney is paid an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement (often one third) after a successful verdict or settlement.

You want to be sure you fully understand the costs, including whether you will be billed for small items like photocopying or larger costs like expert witnesses, investigators, or research.

You also want to be sure who will be doing the work. Is it the lawyer you meet with, another attorney in the firm, or legal secretaries or paralegals? If so, will you be charged different rates?

  1. Do They Communicate?

More than anything, you need an attorney who will communicate with you regularly and clearly. You may have a lot of questions along the way and your attorney should be able to explain things to you – from legal options to procedures – so that you fully understand.

With decades of experience in civil, criminal, family and general law, attorney Richard Russell is a trusted lawyer who will provide you with vigorous representation, flexible hours, billing options, and expert advice.

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