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Adoption Lawyer Kokomo IN

Adoption Lawyer Kokomo IN

Questions To Ask Your Adoption Attorney

Learn the Top 3 Questions Adoption Lawyer Richard Russell Suggests Asking


Adoption is a wonderful thing. Families who choose to bring new additions into their home deserve to enjoy the beautiful process that is adoption. It makes perfect sense that the legal process of adoption is complex and thorough, and in fact, it is in the best interest of the child. However, new parents are not meant to navigate this time alone. Hiring an attorney Kokomo will help you to maneuver the lofty legal jargon and complex legal processes that come with the adoption journey. When choosing a lawyer Kokomo to hire, adoption lawyer Richard Russell suggests asking the following questions:


  1. Why did you get involved in the adoption field?

When it comes to a process as intimate as adoption, it is important to know the motives of your adoption attorney. As your attorney answers this question, you will hopefully learn more about your attorney’s background. This may inform you about their degree and experience but will tell you even more about their incentives, principles, and goals, to ensure that they align with your own.


  1. What services do you provide to the birth mother?

Understanding how an attorney and their program interacts with birth mothers will help to show whether your potential attorney may or may not align with your own standards. Knowing how a program will help birth mothers during the first communication, match period, and post-placement will be indicative of the kind of care their program provides. This question will also reveal how educated this adoption attorney is on state laws regarding birth mother services.


  1. Will your office keep me informed throughout the process? Will you be available to answer our questions?

Communication with your adoption lawyer will be vital throughout the adoption process. By keeping adoptive parents well-informed throughout the process, all parties involved will have a better understanding of adoption. An attorney’s answer to this question will set the precedent for their involvement throughout the entire journey. Be sure they answer confidently!

If you are located in Indiana and looking to adopt, adoption lawyer Richard Russell has over 40 years of assisting clients in legal adoption cases. Whether you need his guidance with meeting Indiana state requirements or making sure you are within state laws and regulations, he can help. Contact Richard Russell today!


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