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October 17, 2018
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Attorney Kokomo IN

attorney Kokomo IN

4 Tips for Finding the Right Attorney Kokomo IN

Preparing your legal case can be timely and costly. Given this large financial and time commitment, it is important that you find the right attorney that fits all your needs. You should narrow your search to a firm who has dealt with your specific legal inquiries in the past. This will add credibility to whomever you choose to hire. Taking the time to solidify the ideal attorney Kokomo IN will ultimately help you in building and winning your case. From finding a divorce attorney Kokomo IN to a general lawyer Kokomo IN, Richard Russell is here to ease the search with 4 tips for finding the right attorney:

  1. Type of case: Determining the type of attorney you need is the first step. If you have a personal injury case you will need someone with different qualifications than if you have a divorce case. Locate an attorney with experience in the practice area you need.

  2. Conduct a consultation interview: The best way to assess a lawyer’s legal capabilities is by interviewing the lawyer. Most attorneys will provide an initial consultation at no extra charge so you should prepare your questions prior to that meeting. Good examples of questions are:
    • How long have you been in practice?
    • Do you carry malpractice insurance?
    • Can you provide references from other clients?

  3. Check out a Martindale-Hubbell Law Dictionary: This can be found online as well as in all law libraries. It is an excellent source for information regarding law firms. It is used as a source for lawyers when choosing their legal talent as it has basic practice information on every lawyer in the US and Canada.

  4. Personality: There should be a personal chemistry between you and your lawyer. If you feel uncomfortable during your first meeting then you will not succeed in establishing the ideal lawyer-client relationship. They should also be good at communicating and prompt to respond. These are all characteristics of a good lawyer and you should identify them early on.

For more information on finding the right lawyer contact Richard Russell Attorney today!

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