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General Law

General practice lawyer, Richard Russell, has proven experience in effectively providing professional legal services in Indiana. Attorney Richard Russell is knowledgeable in all areas of general practice law including drafting and reviewing of legal documents, representing clients in court proceedings and negotiations, and offering legal advice.

Criminal Defense

Indiana Criminal Defense attorney, Richard Russell is dedicated to helping people facing all types of criminal charges to get fair and equal treatment. Richard Russell has defended individuals facing criminal charges for over 40 years and takes every step necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of his clients as well as negotiate the most preferred outcome possible. We represent people charged with violent crimes, murder, drug-related crimes, marijuana violations, white-collar crimes, cyber crimes, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, and more…


Indiana DUI and DWI lawyer, Richard Russell is dedicated to defending DUI cases from first-time offenders to felony drunk driving cases. DUIs and DWIs can be embarrassing and can affect some people’s ability to work. You have the right to fight your DUI or DWI charges and loss of your driver’s license. You need an experienced, non-judgmental advocate to carefully analyze the facts of your case, give you straight forward advice about beating your case and fight for your rights in court. DUI lawyer,Richard Russell has handled hundreds of DUI cases over the years with a wide variety of favorable outcomes.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or domestic battery laws were created to protect individuals from intentional abuse from a spouse, cohabitant, or partner. In the state of Indiana, domestic violence is a criminal act and any person committing this act may face jail time or expensive fines. Sentencing and penalty fees can vary depending on many factors such as whether the battery was aggravated or if the defendant has any priors. If you are facing a domestic violence or domestic battery charge, Attorney Richard Russell serves as a criminal defense lawyer in Kokomo, Indiana. With his 40 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and extensive jury by trial experience he can assist you in the process against domestic violence charges.

Family Mediation /Family Law

Deciding to move forward with a divorce or experiencing another family law matter can be an emotionally painful and very difficult decision to make. The last thing you want to do during this time is to add more stress to the situation by trying to navigate a complicated legal maze. Richard Russell, Indiana's family law attorney can provide legal support and lead you through your divorce so you can get through it as quickly and amicably as possible.

Divorce and Legal Separation

At The Law Offices of Richard Russell, we exercise our professional and ethical expertise as an Indiana divorce lawyer to help families and former spouses or partners reach agreeable solutions for divorce or legal separation. We aim to minimize court involvement so that your family’smatters can be resolved as quickly and peacefully as possible.

With our skilled negotiation and mediation tactics, we have helped many families resolve their legal separation and divorce, with their finances, rights and future intact. If your case must be settled in court through litigation, our 40 years of trial experience, allows us to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your family.

Child Custody

Child custody involves legal decisions about who will be responsible for a child or children including parental rights for both married and unmarried parents, as well as adoptions. Richard Russell, Indiana child custody lawyer can help negotiate a mutual agreement outside of court or can offer strong legal support inside the courtroom. It is our primary mission to help you determine and commit to the best child custody decision for your family. Richard Russell can offer legal support for legal custody, physical custody, joint custody, sole custody, adoptions,step-parent adoptions and more…


When an elderly or disabled family member cannot take care of themselves any longer, the relatives of the individual are often concerned for the person’s safety and finances and therefore need to take over guardianship of the person. Sometimes the person is opposed to receiving help. In situations like this, family members may feel worried, powerless and upset and may need to enlist the help of a guardianship lawyer.

Guardianship can also refer to a non-parent who needs to legally obtain custody of a minor child. Richard Russell, Indiana guardianship attorney can set up legal guardianship in both types of situations. In cases where a family member is opposed to guardianship, Richard Russell has extensive experience in representing the involved parties in court and assisting them in fully articulating their position for the judge deciding the case.


Adopting a new addition to the family can be an exciting time but it can also be a rather challenging one as well. Before a child is adopted there is an adoption legal process that must take place and is put in place for the best interest of the child. That’s where adoption attorneys like Richard Russell come in. Adoption lawyer, Richard Russell, has over 40 years of assisting clients in legal adoption cases. Whether you need his guidance with meeting Indiana state requirements or making sure you are within state laws and regulations, he can help.

Civil Law

At Richard Russell Law Firm, Attorney Richard Russell has 40 years of experience in working with clients involved in civil law cases. Unlike criminal cases, civil cases do not involve harmful crimes and compensation can be pursued and claimed when a legal binding contract or law has not been upheld. Russell can assist those who are seeking intervention from the court to solve a civil dispute between opposing parties. Richard represents those who may find themselves under the following situations: civil lawsuits, infringement of constitutional rights, damage to property, broken legal binding contracts, etc.

Personal Injury

When you incur a personal injury in an accident you can either have the insurance company provide you with a settlement, or you can hire a personal injury lawyer to take legal action and fight for maximum compensation. Personal injury lawyer, Richard Russell, is fully committed to getting you every penny you are due, including reimbursement of medical expenses, payment for inability to work and compensation for untold amounts of personal pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one can be the most devastating time of a person’s life. When the death of your loved one was caused by another party’s negligence or wrong doing, the grieving process can be even more intensified. In the case of a death caused by negligence or misconduct, you may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Attorney Richard Russell, wrongful death lawyer, can help guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit so that you can receive the closure and financial compensation that you and your family are entitled to.